The EMPIRE Commitment to QUALITY

In its 30+ years in business, and with a 100% flawless quality history with its customers, Empire has taken major steps in the area of quality assurance and counterfeit avoidance to safeguard customer Supply Chains. With having a substantial global supplier network of over 20,000+ vendors, Empire has implemented procurement guidelines directing that all product must be sourced from authorized factory channels, and secondary market suppliers that have been properly vetted through a stringent vendor qualification and rating system process. 


In supporting a wide array of obsolete and legacy products, and items that may be heavily allocated due to long factory lead times, Empire safeguards secondary market purchases by partnering with a number of accredited testing facilities.  As such, Empire works closely with Global Electronics Testing Services in the USA and China ( (, Advanced Component Testing in the USA (, and White Horse Laboratories ( both domestically and abroad. Empire offers all customers the option to have parts tested prior to delivery in which shipments are accompanied by certified test report documentation.

Empire Quality Assurance

Maintaining a perfect quality history for over 30 years begins with Empire’s knowledgeable inspection team’s execution of a comprehensive inspection checklist. Once all inspection criteria have been carefully met, final approval must be granted by one of Empire’s certified Quality Control Managers before product can be taken into inventory, shipped out to the designated customer, or re-directed to a test lab partner for further testing and authentication. Any non-conforming or damaged products that are received in are immediately separated and placed in a dedicated secure warehouse location for further processing, never entering into Empire’s active inventory. To further ensure the security of the supply chain, Empire’s certified quality control teams are frequently provided with professional development training and with the latest up to date information on industry standards. Empire has access to the most current suspect and counterfeit part listings as well as searches and receives automatic email alerts to identify newly reported companies suspected of shipping questionable components.

  • Packages are received and processed on ESD compliant grounded static mats with personnel wearing wrist and heel straps

  • Inner and Outer packaging checked for signs of visible damage

  • Packing Slip and supporting documents carefully checked for accuracy against PO/SO’s

  • Commodity Classification/Type

  • Quantity Validation

  • Verification of Lot Code, Date Code, Country of Origin

  • Packaging Type

  • Check for moisture sensitive label on bag

  • Package checked for ESD compliance

  • Vacuum seal is carefully examined for failure

  • Factory seal inspected for alignment and resealing

  • Inspection of all labels; OEM or other, MSL information checked, inspect for tampering, copying; ink permanency, date codes, misspellings, seal dates, scan compliance

  • Reels, Trays, etc. inspected for original OEM or third party

  • Verification that parts have been packaged uniformly, and in exact accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements

  • Lot Code verification

  • Pins and Leads inspected for damage (bent, scratched, broken, missing)

  • Pins and leads checked for signs of corrosion

  • Microscope magnification

  • Verification of outer scratches, rework to body, have not been re-stamped Inspect for previous usage markings


  • For parts that require additional inspection, testing, and authentication, Empire currently has agreements with several third-party test facilities spanning the globe. These test labs meet compliance standards of ISO9001, AS9100C, AS6081, CCAP-101, MIL-STD-883, MIL-PRF-19500, MIL-PRF-38534, JAN, JANTX, JANTXV

  • All packaging materials are anti-static (bags, peanuts, bubble wrap, desiccant, etc) and in direct accordance with commercial and Mil STD's

  • Post inspection, products are re-sealed in moisture-proof packaging and stored in exact accordance with manufacturers requirements

  • Empire quality inspectors are equipped with Amerivacs Vacuum Sealer Model # AVS-20



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