Value-Added Services

What Empire Provides is Extensive Value Added Services.


  • We Provide: 

             -  Specialized Kitting

            -  Asset Labeling 

            -  Random Test Sampling on End of Life parts.


  • Empire's Goal: To Help Make your Team’s Procurement Job Easier.

            -  Every Phone call is Answered during Work Hours

            -  Quick Responsiveness to your Quotes & Inquiries

            -  Attention to Details, Our commitment to provide

               the Best Overall Service to You and Your Teams.


How can Empire help you?

  • Rapid Global Sourcing, Procurement Services, Urgent Parts Support

  • JIT Delivery, Scheduled Shipments, Customer Tailored Material Programs

  • Cost Savings Programs, SMI-VMI (Pre-Agreed Pricing Structures) BOM, Forecast, MRP Analysis

  • Standard and Custom Built to Print Datacom/Network/Computer/Mobile Charging Cables, and Power Cord - Cord Set Assemblies (UL/CSA/HDMI/ATC/ Certified Factories)

  • Outsourcing Assembly Services (Domestic and Low-Cost Regions, Customer Requirement Specific)

  • Customer Credit Terms (NET) For Qualified Customers

  • Global Market Analysis

  • Inventory Destruction (Certificate of Destruction)

  • Excess Inventory Management - Excess Bulk Purchases

  • Supply Chain Consulting

  • Component Testing and Authenticity Services

  • Manufacturer Part Number Verification





Contact Us

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