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     We Provide Extensive Value-Added Services: 

                Specialized Kitting

               Asset Labeling 

               Random Test Sampling on End of Life Parts.


    Make your Team’s Procurement Job Easier.

                Every Phone call is Answered during Work Hours

                Quick Responsiveness to your Quotes & Inquiries

                Attention to Details,

                Our commitment to providing the Best Overall Service

                to You and Your Teams.


    Empire Electronics Can help you!

                Rapid Global Sourcing, Procurement Services, Urgent Parts Support

                JIT Delivery, Scheduled Shipments, Customer Tailored Material 



                Cost Savings Programs, SMI-VMI (Pre-Agreed Pricing Structures)

                BOM, Forecast, MRP Analysis


                Excess Inventory Management - Excess Bulk Purchases


                Supply Chain Consulting


                Component Testing and Authenticity Services


                Manufacturer Part Number Verification





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Value-Added Services

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